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Do you need medical treatment but you don't have money to pay for it?

Citizens 9 Medical Access Card is a plastic card with a unique number that allows hospitals, clinics, doctors and healthcare professionals to provide treatment to you on credit, so that you can conveniently pay your medical bill within 3 months - 12 months with 0% interest.


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What is Medical Access Card?

What is Medical Access Card?

Every year, millions of people die from poorly diagnosed ailments, self medication and complete lack of medical attention.

Citizens 9 Medical Access Card provides a solution to people who are in societies with no functional government backed health plan or affordable HMO. Such people can easily access healthcare at Medical Access Card partner hospitals and have the flexibility of paying medical bills within a year with zero interest.

When your HMO plan does not cover a medical treatment or when you absolutely do not want to cash in on your HMO, Citizens 9 Medical Access Card gives you the flexibility of getting timely treatment and the ease of paying when it is convenient for you in one lump sump or in instalments within 1 year.

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How it works

How it Works Purchase your medical access card instantly online.
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  1. Take a screen shot of your card. Your plastic card will be delivered by mail within 6 - 8 weeks of signup
  2. Activate and secure your card online by adding a 6 digit PIN.
  3. Go to a nearby hospital on the Medical Access Card Network List of approved health centres is on your admin page
  4. Provide your card number to the hospital receptionist.
  5. Get treatment.
  6. Pay your bill within 1 year.
List of Hospitals
Personal Access Card ₦2,499 per year

Excellent for individuals.

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Cover for one person

Dental and General Medicare credit cover

Get treatment today. Pay later.

Family Access Card ₦9,999 per year

Excellent for a small family of up to 5 people

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Cover for up to 5 members of a family.

Dental and General Medicare credit cover

Get treatment today. Pay later.

Card Features


Foreign Doctors
Get Treatment today

Walk into any partner hospital near you and beat the rush for hospital card. See a doctor, get treatment and prescription. Pay your bill later within a year.

Medical Records
Central Medical Records

Control your medical records, grant access to doctors, hospitals and pharmacies. Walk into any hospital and doctors can see your history from other hospitals.

Foreign Doctors
Foreign Doctors

Gain access to foreign doctors and specialist. Your local doctor can easily refer you to a foreign doctor and you can get quick consultation directly on the app.

Pediatric Clinic
Pediatric Clinic

Get professional help from certified Pediatricians in America. Join the pediatric clinic directly from the app and get professional consultation.

HIV CLinic

Join the HIV/AIDS treatment clinic directly from the app. Talk to a consultant, get recommendations and treatment directly from certified HIV/AIDS doctors in America.

100% Privacy Guaranteed

Your medical records is stored following the Medical record keeping Standards of the Royal College of Physicians, London and the American Medical Association.

Get your card today. Limited cards available for Nigeria. Get Medical Access Card

Covered Treatments

The treatments you can get with Medical Access Card.



Eye examination, treatment and prescription.

Tropical Diseases

Malaria/Typhoid examination, Treatment and Prescription.


Heart examination, treatment and prescription.


Infant & Children examination, treatment and prescription.


Oral (Mouth & Teeth) examination, treatment and prescription.


Cancer examination, treatment and prevention.

Infectious Diseases

HIV/Aids examination, treatment and prevention.


Blood disease examination, treatment and prevention.


Skin examination, treatment and breakout prevention.


Digestive system examination, treatment and prescription.


Kidney examination, treatment and prescription.

General Practice

General Practice medicine covering all areas of health issues.

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